A STUDENT from Erskine is hoping he can kick out stigma surrounding men’s mental health by staging a video game tournament.

David Campbell, 22, has been keen to organise an event to raise awareness of male suicide after experiencing thoughts of wanting to take his own life a few years ago.

Now he is teaming up with friends who work with him on a football podcast at the University of Glasgow to highlight the issue.

They will use football-based computer game FIFA to raise funds for Scottish charity Brothers in Arms.

The volunteer-based cause aims to support men who are facing mental health issues and start a conversation about male suicide, which is the single biggest killer of men in the UK under the age of 45.

Through apps, videos and online resources, it offers a lifeline to men who feel they are struggling to find ways to help manage and talk about their problems.

David, who is studying English literature, film and television, said he would have found the platform useful when he was in a “dark place.”

He told The Gazette: “Back in 2014, I was struggling and had some suicidal thoughts. I went to a GP but found that support was lacking, with long waiting times for help.

“Brothers in Arms is a great charity because it provides an online support resource that I would’ve liked to have had.

“We want to encourage people to not play down what their problems are and get the message across that we don’t have to go through it alone.”

The FIFA tournament will take place at Grill in the Park, in Mains Hill, Erskine, on Monday, July 29, from 5pm to 11.30pm, with more than 15 players already signed up to compete.

The event will also include a buffet and DJ.

David added: “We have always wanted to organise an event for men’s mental health and we tried to think about what sort of charity event we could get young men along to.

“When I put the idea to the guys in the podcast, it was an instant ‘yes’ because we feel similarly about the subject.

“We want to encourage men to talk about their mental health while also enjoying the tournament.”