IT’S an age old question which has puzzled generations but now we finally know what our milkmen are getting up to in the middle of the night. 

At least that’s true for one twinkle-toed dairy lover who’s become an internet sensation after being captured on film busting the moves during deliveries.

Paddy Leonard was spotted on CCTV by a couple in Bishopton one night as he tried to replicate a ballerina’s pose and the clip gained thousands of views when Laura Paul posted it on Facebook. 

The Gazette: Paddy isn't shy in showing his moves Paddy isn't shy in showing his moves

Laura, who runs Erskine’s Infusion Dance Company, was so impressed by the milkman’s moves she left him a note asking him to do another routine. 

And it didn’t take long for Paddy to shine once again as he busted out his best John Travolta impression just weeks later. 

Laura told The Gazette: “I had recently decorated my car with the logo for the dance school and there’s a wee ballerina on it. 

“One day, we saw Paddy trying to copy the moves on the ballerina and he was just jumping about in the garden.

“My partner and I thought it was funny and we left him a message asking him to do something else.

“We kept looking at the cameras and he didn’t do anything for a few weeks when one day he started dancing like John Travolta. 

“I put the video on our Facebook and everyone was laughing and could see it was funny.

“People were tagging him in the videos and were desperate to see him do it again.

“I just left him another wee note and he then did the Michael Jackson Moonwalk.

“Everyone is just having a laugh and want to see more videos.”

The Gazette: The milkman has busted out a back catalogue of dance The milkman has busted out a back catalogue of dance

Paddy has since shown he can move with the best of them - even busting out some Gangnam Style - but Laura revealed she has plenty more up her sleeve for Renfrewshire’s dancefloor king. 

“The kids at the school have all been talking about it so I asked them what they wanted to see him do,” the 32-year-old continued.

“We’ve recorded a video of the kids asking ‘Paddy, can you do the floss?’ .

“I’ve been saying that Infusion Fever is sweeping the nation. 

“We’ve got so many things lined up for Paddy and after the Floss we’ll probably get him to do the Macarena.” 

Pauline Quigley, digital marketing manager at McQueen’s Dairies, said: “We are just loving to see what Paddy is doing and can’t wait to see what’s next.

“We’ve even been joking that Strictly Come Dancing is going to come and snap him up.

“We are really proud of Paddy and it’s great to see our milkmen having a laugh and interacting with customers.” 

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