POLICE have promised to crackdown on drug dealing in Linwood after two teenagers had to be rushed to hospital on Saturday. 

A 13-year-old boy was discovered by the Scottish Ambulance Service at around 7.30pm in Clippens Road having consumed 14 Benzodiazepine - commonly known as Valium - tablets. 

The teenager had to be rushed to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH), in Glasgow, where he received medical attention. 

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Later that same evening, cops traced another teenage boy, 13, and a 14-year-old girl who had also taken Valium with the latter also requiring treatment at the QEUH. 

Following the incident, a 44-year-old woman was arrested just before midnight on suspicion of being in possession of drugs and having an intent to supply. She is due to appear in court.

Inspector Jim Cast, based in Johnstone, has issued a fresh appeal to parents to be wary of what their children could be consuming. 

The Gazette: Valium tablets Valium tablets

He told The Gazette: “It is really concerning children were in possession of that amount of drugs and even that teenagers would be interested in taking them, given the dangers. 

“We would appeal to anyone with information in the area and to parents to be aware of what their children are up to. This could have easily resulted in death.” 

The shocking incident comes just weeks after The Gazette revealed drug-related deaths in Renfrewshire hit a record high. Statistics show that 50 people in the area died as a result of taking drugs last year.

The figure has multiplied more than eight times in the past 23 years, while it has more than doubled in the past decade.

The Gazette: Inspector Cast has made tackling drug crime one of his top priorities Inspector Cast has made tackling drug crime one of his top priorities

Heroin was involved in 43 of the 50 deaths last year, while opiates or opoids were present in 46.

Etizolam and Benzodiazepines were also prevalent, having been found in 34 people who died last year.

Inspector Cast added: “These pills are especially dangerous as nobody knows what is in them. 

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“We will be treating this very seriously and will continue to work to tackle the problem in the area.

“We would ask for anyone with information to call us on 101 and we will act.” 

The woman was due to appear in Paisley Sheriff Court on Monday. 

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