A RENFREWSHIRE family had a lucky escape after they were rammed by a pick-up truck during a dangerous undertake on the motorway. 

BBC Scotland journalist Annie McGuire, her husband Matt Ludlow, and their children Jack and Martha were involved in the shocking incident while travelling home from a family wedding in France. 

The Elderslie star, 42, shared the heart-stopping moment on her Twitter account and urged her followers to get in touch if they knew who the driver was. 

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The dashcam footage has since been viewed over 260,000 times and shows the pick-up smashing into the family’s car as debris from the taillights goes flying down the M1 near Sheffield. 

Ms McGuire told The Gazette: “Everything was going well and the children were even singing when we just felt this sudden and forceful impact.

“It felt like we were going to go off the road and at the time I was sure someone was trying to drive us off the road.

“My husband did really well not to crash and it was a heart-stopping moment. 

“We ended up having to wait for 20 minutes for the police to arrive and there was no hard-shoulder but two people stopped to make sure we were okay.

“I was terrified about turning round in case something had happened to the kids.” 

The Gazette: Annie McGuire with her husband Matt Ludlow and their children Jack and Martha Annie McGuire with her husband Matt Ludlow and their children Jack and Martha

Ms McGuire, who currently works as an assistant editor on BBC Scotland shows Seven Days and The Edit, revealed she was previously involved in a similar incident in Elderslie with Martha, seven. 

She continued: “It’s funny because Martha is a smart cookie and people have been coming in to say this sort of thing doesn’t happen twice and she’s been saying that it does to her.

“It’s hard when you are trying to teach your children that the world is a nice place and then someone is just driving off after hitting you.

“Martha has taken it worse than Jack. He’s only two so doesn’t really grasp what’s happened and he also just loves his cars.

“Whereas Martha has been scouring the dashcam footage and trying to help us find the driver. 

“But she’s going to go back to PACE and that’s really helping take her mind off things.” 

Hundreds of messages of support have poured in for the family and she added: “There are so many good people out there and all of their messages have really helped us.

“I just wish I could have a chat with the driver to explain how serious it was.”

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A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said the car involved had no registered keeper and was not insured. 

The car’s number plate was LT55 UPE. 

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