A GARDENING space on one of Renfrewshire’s busiest roads is helping to tackle social isolation.

People’s awareness of the West End Growing Grounds Association (WEGGA) charity has surged after it switched its location to Underwood Road, in Paisley. 

Housing provider Sanctuary worked with its contractor CCG and Renfrewshire Council to move the charity’s allotments from nearby Sutherland Street.

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The highly visible improvement works are a community benefit of the wider regeneration of Paisley’s west end.

John Wilby, WEGGA’s honorary secretary, said: “In Sutherland Street we had two adjacent sites but here everybody’s together. It’s created a much more cohesive community where people can come and grow their own food but also enjoy the company.

“One of our concerns in this area has been social isolation. A lot of people live alone and we have members now who are getting involved for the first time. Our proximity to the ring road has attracted a lot of attention. We anticipate that the existing waiting list will quickly grow to fill the remaining raised beds.”

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Local resident and WEGGA member Fay Potts said: “This is a much better venue. I have met a lot of people I would otherwise not have encountered.” 

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