THE first day of school is always a day to remember as lifelong memories are made and new friendships begin. 

For four sets of twins in Renfrewshire, they’ve already got quite a tale to tell as they get set to join the same primary one class tomorrow. 

Sam and Honor Crosbie, four, Freddy and Olive Lockwood, Corey and Owain McGougan and Zoe and Ayden Scott, all age five, are all looking forward to starting at ‘the big school.’ 

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Staff at Lochwinnoch Primary School won’t quite be seeing double vision as the kids are – thankfully – non-identical, but the youngsters are sure to keep them on their toes. 

For instance, Sam and Honor once covered themselves in Sudacream from a nappy bag, Freddy and Olive have a codeword – baby-mash – which they shout before running around the room for half an hour, Corey and Owain always join each other in time-out, while Zoe and Ayden have their very own secret handshake. 

For mums Nicola Crosbie, Jane Arden, Rachael McGougan and Claire Scott it will be an emotional day but they are all excited as their twins take the next step in life. 

Nicola said: “I know I will be emotional as we get to the school gate and see them go inside.”

Claire said: “The twins just want to be grown up like their cousin, who started school last year. Despite their differences, they always look out for each other so that stops me worrying too much about them.”

The Gazette:

Freddy, Olive, Corey and Owain already know each other from nursery, but are also excited to be meeting the other twins.

Jane said: “They can’t wait to use their school bag and wear their uniform. They met their P7 buddies at their nursery graduation, so they feel really good about starting school.”

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Rachael, meanwhile, said: “They have a big sister at school, so they’re looking forward to seeing her more during the day and getting to do all the things she does.” Twins run in the family for Claire, who says there is a chance of more twins or even triplets if they have more children. 

She said: “That put the fear into us a little bit. We haven’t thought about more yet and are happy with the two of them just now.”

Headteacher Julie Bell said: “We’re looking forward to having them in the school.”

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