A FURIOUS dad has been forced to DRIVE his daughter through a giant puddle in his street so she can catch the school bus, writes Jack Thomson

Flooding has left a street under so much water that Thomas McGroarty has to use his car to help get 12-year-old Keira to lessons. 

Driving instructor Thomas says flooding has been an issue where he lives for decades but has become ridiculous over the past 12 years.

Now he has resorted to getting behind the wheel of his motor to drive Keira to the bus stop just 50 feet away from their home.

He blaims poor drainage at Johnstone’s Stirling Drive for turning the place into a pond.
Keira, a pupil at St Benedict’s High in Linwood, faces getting soaked before she has even started the school day as she navigates the treacherous conditions to catch her bus. 

Thomas, 53, says he has contacted Renfrewshire Council on numerous occasions about the problem.

He told us no progress has been made in getting to the root of the issue and he has claimed the local authority is “fobbing” him off. 

Thomas said: “If it rains a wee bit, it floods across the whole road. 

“Nobody can get down the pavement on either side. 

“It used to just happen in the winter but now it happens all the time. The leaves are falling and not being cleared. 

“We have been on at Renfrewshire Council. My son phoned them five times while we were away on holiday and my wife phoned them when we got back but we’ve had no reply. 

“We had to drive my daughter out of our drive over to the bus stop about 50 feet away because it’s that bad outside our house. 

“It’s not just me, the neighbours are constantly on the phone to the council about it as well. It’s making our life a misery. 

“Now every time it’s raining we can’t get out our drive.”

It’s not just his family that are affected and Thomas has voiced concerns that the flooding could block elderly residents from leaving the street. 

He added: “There’s a wee shop round the corner and we have got elderly people who can’t access that, the main road or the bus stop. 

“The council keep fobbing us off. 

“Every now and then they send out equipment to sook it up but that’s not going to solve the cause of the problem.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “We’re aware of the issue of flooding in Stirling Drive which is caused by catkins from the trees clogging up the drains on this road.

“We are looking to replace the drains with more modern versions to combat this as part of our five-year, £40million investment in Renfrewshire’s roads and footways.

“Until the necessary works can take place, we will continue to monitor and clear the street of flooding when this occurs.”

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