THE catchment area for a new school in Bishopton will be put forward for approval from councillors this week, writes Jack Thomson

Following a consultation reviewing the catchment areas of the current primary school and a new build within Dargavel Village scheduled for 2021, officers have recommended a blueprint be given the go ahead at Thursday’s Education and Children’s Services Policy Board. 

Plans had been drawn up to create a natural geographic boundary line between the two schools by the railway line adjacent to the Dargavel development. 

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A report, which will be considered at the board, claimed support has been shown for the proposal.

It said: “The outcome of this consultation demonstrates support for the proposal and the Education and Children’s Services Policy Board is therefore asked to approve the recommendation to alter the catchment areas affecting Bishopton Primary School and a new primary school to be built at Dargavel Village to create a natural geographical boundary, which will allow all non-denominational pupils the opportunity to attend a local non-denominational school in Dargavel Village.”

If approved the changes would be implemented to take effect following construction of the new school. 

Children who are already attending Bishopton Primary School at that point but live at an affected address will not be asked to move. 

The Gazette: Dargavel Village (new school) proposed catchment (source: Renfrewshire Council)Dargavel Village (new school) proposed catchment (source: Renfrewshire Council)

The report also said: “Siblings of those pupils attending Bishopton Primary School would be entitled to attend the school with their sibling as long as their sibling is registered in the school when they enrol.”

Many of the consultation comments were positive, with one saying: “The catchment suggested is the most sensible way to split.”

Another said: “Logical and sensible proposal of position of new catchment boundary lines.”
Some parents had previously expressed concerns of a divide being created between the two schools. 

This sentiment was echoed by some consultation responses, with one saying: “The way in which the split has been decided is the fairest way although it does create a divide.”

An Education Scotland response said: “Overall, Renfrewshire Council’s proposal to review the catchment area of Bishopton. 

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Primary School and a new primary school to be built at Dargavel Village offers potential educational benefit by providing a newly built school in Dargavel Village, whilst also addressing capacity issues at Bishopton Primary School. 

“The proposed boundary between the two catchment areas is clear, has the support of most stakeholders and is likely to provide for safe walking routes to school.”

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