JOHNSTONE cops have promised to put a stop to reckless yobs riding around public footpaths on motorbikes. 

Fears have been raised by locals about teenagers hurtling through parks and cycle tracks in Spateston and Howwood during the summer months. 

Officers are working with local councillors and community groups to tackle the problem, with the footpath between Halhill Road and Milton Road believed to be a particular hotspot for trouble. 

It is also understood police are focusing their attention on the Skiff Wood, where there have been reports of trouble. 

Sergeant Barry McNaught, based in Johnstone, is urging the public to report any sightings so the police can take action.

He told The Gazette: "We have had a number of reports throughout the summer and even beyond that of off road bikes and quad bikes being used on footpaths.

"It is believed the riders are mostly teenagers who are racing around the area. 

"We have been doing work with local councillor Andy Steel and even the Forestry Commission to try and tackle this.

"But we need the public to continue to provide us information and to report this activity to us.

"We know people know this is happening but they then need report it. 

"This is potentially very dangerous and you find a lot of the riders are not wearing the correct equipment so are also a danger to themselves.

"While there haven't been any serious incidents yet that we are aware of, we know there have been some near misses.

"It's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt." 

If you have any information on the incidents, please call police on 101.

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