THE family of a Johnstone woman who spent three weeks in a coma in Spain say she is alive thanks to a cracked skull.

As previously revealed by The Gazette, Monica McGeachie, who plunged from a first-floor window in Ibiza, where she had been celebrating her 30th birthday with friends and family, woke up last week and continues to respond to conversation.

Monica had been in an induced coma since Saturday, July 28, after falling through a window which didn’t have a glass pane in it.

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Horrified relatives flew out to the Balearic island to be at her bedside and raised more than £10,000 to help with costs.

Monica’s sister JoAnne confirmed she sat up yesterday for the first time since the ordeal, with doctors said to be astonished by her progress.

JoAnne, 38, told The Gazette: “She cracked her skull and that is what saved her because it released some of the pressure.

“She is still awake and responding well to treatment but she can’t talk quite yet as she still has a trachea in her throat, although she is breathing by herself.

“Just days ago, it was a completely different situation. The doctors are amazed by how well she is doing and how she is able to recognise us.”

Commercial diver Monica moved to Johnstone Castle from Dunoon a year ago.

JoAnne flew home last week and the mum-of-three plans to wait for a further update on when Monica might be fit to travel home before making a decision on whether or not to return to her bedside in Spain.

“I always believed that, with the hours she works, Monica was just taking the rest she needed,” said JoAnne. “She works long hours but loves her job.”

A friend set up a JustGiving page to help the family meet the costs of travelling to Spain and paying for accommodation, which quickly smashed its original target of £5,000.

JoAnne has expressed her gratitude to all those who have supported the family in its time of need.

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She said: “There have been people asking why Monica didn’t have insurance – but she does.

"The money has allowed us – my parents, brothers and me – to be with Monica and support her.

“My dad, who is self-employed, has even taken on extra jobs since he came home to send money over for my mum and auntie.

“The support we’ve been given is amazing.”

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