EYESORES bins in Renfrew are set to be removed by Renfrewshire Council after they turned into a dumping ground, writes Jack Thomson

Residents have complained about the overflowing mess at the recycling point, which is located next to the town’s Tesco. 

The spot has been blighted with all sorts of rubbish, including cardboard boxes, packed binbags and even a child’s bicycle. 

Councillor John Shaw, whose ward covers the site, confirmed it looked like the local authority would remove the bins permanently in a bid to overcome the problem. 

He said: “After a review of the ongoing issues at the recycling point at Tesco it now seems likely these bulk bins will be removed permanently. 

“They had been removed at the end of last year but due to the timing coinciding with the rollout of the new green bins I had requested they be replaced with additional uplifts to see if it made any difference. 

“Unfortunately it hasn’t and what had kicked off as a recycling point has turned latterly into effectively an extension of the dump.”

Councillor Shaw believes the move would be welcomed by the people of Renfrew, who had become fed up of the mess. 

He added: “I’m sure Tesco and local residents will be happy to see the back of the unsightly mess they can become and, as always, I’d be happy to take up any concerns you may have with your own waste service.”

A resident of Renfrew, who asked to remain anonymous, said the council’s decision was the right one. 

He said: “It’s relief because it’s absolutely disgusting. There’s a recycling centre in Renfrew and people can easily drive to that rather than dump it at Tesco. 

“I have been messaging Councillor Jim Paterson for a couple of months and he’s been getting it emptied but more and more people have been complaining. 

“He messaged me the other day to let me know about the decision to take them away. 

“It’s the right decision.”

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