A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl from Renfrew had 19 inches of her hair chopped off to donate to a charity for patients who have lost their own.

Sophia Maan’s first-ever haircut was extra special as she made the kind-hearted gesture for the Little Princess Trust.

The Moorpark Pre-Five Centre tot made the decision to wave goodbye to her flowing locks all by herself and has so far raised over £300.

Her proud mum Samina was joined by Sophia’s siblings Harris, 14, and Aneesa, 10, for the big event at the town’s CK Hair salon.

Care worker Samina told The Gazette: “Sophia had been growing her hair for a long time and never wanted to get it cut. We had got used to the fact that she had long hair.

“However, when she was about to start nursery, it was at the stage where she needed it cut. My mum suggested she should do it for charity but I only wanted to go ahead with that if Sophia understood what she was doing.

“I sat her down and explained that she needed to get her haircut and told her she could help other boys and girls.

The Gazette:

“She said ‘Mummy, I want to make little boys and girls happy and want to give it to them.’

“I’m really proud of her.”

Samina admits there were a few nerves when the time came for Sophia to face the chop for the first time.

However, the caring youngster quickly embraced her new hairdo.

“Since getting it cut, she has been loving it and has been walking around the house, flicking her hair,” Samina said. “She has a princess dress and put it on too.

The Gazette:

“My mum had cancer, so we have been through that experience. Although she didn’t lose her hair, there are so many people who are affected by it.

“There’s a lot of emphasis on young girls now to have flowing locks of hair.

“Being able to help in this way is just a nice thing to do and, if it makes someone happy, then it also makes us happy.

“Everyone at nursery was giving Samina cuddles before she went for her haircut and was wishing her good luck. Then, when she came back, they all did the same and said how much they loved her hair.

“The hairdressers were absolutely fantastic and didn’t even charge us a penny. It was a proud mummy moment.”

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