THE secretary of Erskine Community Council has fired a parting shot at other members and ward councillors as he officially stepped down from his position, writes Jack Thomson.  

Veteran activist Andrew Horner will hand over the reins to Gordon Fraser, after taking the decision to bring an end to his second stint in the role. 

As he informed people of the end of his tenure in an email, he took a thinly-veiled dig at some of the other volunteers, as well as elected members. 

Mr Horner said: “I’ve always been amazed that Erskine, with a population of over 15,000, has never been able to support the community council and volunteers are hard to come by. 

“There’s a small core of willing members but trying to canvas help and opinions from some is like pulling teeth. 

“There’s just no interest and some members always have an excuse not to attend monthly meetings. 

“However, I’d like to thank Sam Mullin, Jacqui Reid and Anthony Sneider from the community council, Anne McNaughton, Dorothy Kerr, Karen Anderson, Sharon Marklow from the council and a host of others for their help, advice and support over the last year. 

“I’d also like to thank councillors Begg and Harte for their support and for attending the monthly meetings to update us and to take away any concerns from those present. 

“I’m disappointed that our two SNP councillors decided not to attend meetings and have made it plain that they have a very low opinion of the community council, which is, after all, a group of volunteer residents trying to do their best for the town.

“The community council tries to get actively involved for the benefit of the community but struggles sometimes against a lack of interest and apathy. 

“However, I consider the organisation to be a real champion for local residents and the town, and I wish it every success in the future.”

The SNP’s Councillor Iain Nicolson and Councillor Michelle Campbell issued a joint statement in response to Mr Horner’s comments. 

They said: “We would like to wish the new secretary of Erskine Community Council well in his new role. 

“Hopefully a more positive view of Erskine will emerge from the change. 

“As local councillors, we believe Erskine is a great part of Renfrewshire and we will continue to strive and work with many Erskine groups to make it even better.”

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