CALLS have been made for enhanced safety measures at a “dangerous” junction in Renfrew, writes Jack Thomson

Councillor Jane Strang has been in contact with council officers following an accident at Sandy Road and Broadloan recently.

She has asked Renfrewshire Council to consider introducing either traffic lights or electronic crossings in a bid to make users of the junction – which include children – feel safer. 

Councillor Strang also claimed the “need for an urgent solution has never been greater” and warned something should be done to avoid a fatality.

She said: “This is becoming more and more of a notorious junction in Renfrew and the accident we saw last week showed how dangerous it can be.

“This is a junction used by many school pupils as well as other pedestrians, so the need for an urgent solution has never been greater.

“I feel the meetings with council officials have been positive and I hope they can seriously consider installing traffic lights or electronic crossings which would be a significant upgrade.

“I will be continuing to push for further safety measures in order to protect those that use this junction before we hear of any more serious or fatal accidents.”

Renfrewshire Council revealed it is working with elected members and considering “appropriate measures” for the problem spot.

The junction, which is near to Newmains Primary School, already has speed bumps, zebra crossings and a school crossing patroller. 

However, the local authority did confirm communication had taken place with councillors on the issue.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “We are working with local elected members to consider appropriate measures to enhance safety at this junction, which currently has speed bumps to calm traffic and a zebra crossing on each road together with a school crossing patroller to help children cross safely to and from school.”

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