MORE than 900 people have been hit by flight cancellations by operator FlyLoLo at Glasgow Airport this weekend.

The Paisley-based airport said four flights - three to Tenerife and one to Lanzarote - with around 230 passengers booked on each would no longer go ahead.

The flights affected are the 8.30am departure on Friday to Tenerife South Airport, as well as the 7am and 6.10pm on Saturday departures to the same airport.

The 9am flight to Arrecife airport in Lanzarote is also cancelled.

In an email to customers, the firm claimed it did not have a plane to carry out the flights.

It said its schedule had been agreed many months ago, using a Boeing 737-800.

However, the company decided to swap the plane for an A321 Airbus. “We released the B737800 in favour of the larger aircraft. Despite verbal assurances.... that operator has withdrawn and we are left without an aircraft to operate despite being fully booked,” the message explained.

A Glasgow Airport spokesman said: "We were made aware tonight that flights planned by operator FlyLoLo to Tenerife South and Arrecife in Lanzarote this weekend will not go ahead.

"We would ask all FlyLoLo passengers affected not to travel to the airport and to contact the operator direct for further information on 08444 720737."

FlyLoLo chief executive Paul Dendle told the PA news agency cutomers would be contacted regarding potential refunds.

He said: "We planned the flights, many over a year ago, the seats had sold well and we were into profit.

"The issue was the aircraft we thought we had a firm contract on was withdrawn.

"We have spent the last 17 days in trying to find an alternative, the issue was the cost in relation to rates we had agreed.

"We have been in discussions all day to secure a deal with another airline, we offered them equity in the company if they would supply the aircraft.

"We are a small company, licensed by the CAA with an ATOL to fly 25,000 seats

"All clients' monies are fully protected and held in a CAA Trust and refunds will take 10 working days.

"I have been working 18-hour days to try and resolve this issue, but alas it was impossible.

"I apologise for the disruption and disappointment caused, I sincerely feel for the affected clients."