THE victim of a Johnstone sex beast who was assaulted while ‘unconscious’ has revealed he had to leave the town out of fear of his attacker. 

Former pub boss Robert Stewart was branded “inappropriate and shameful” by his own lawyer for the attack, carried out while his partner Robert Taylor was asleep on the couch on which the assault took place.

Stewart, 46, denied sexually assault, claiming the encounter was consensual, and was tried at Paisley Sheriff Court last week.

But the victim said he was pounced on while he was unconscious after being given a drink at the flat Stewart shared with Mr Taylor in Collier Street, Johnstone. 

The 25-year-old victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Gazette: “I am just glad and so grateful it is finally over and I can get on with my life. 

“It is clear he had no remorse and believed he had done nothing wrong.

“At the time, I was working in a pub in Johnstone and I was fearful that he was going to come in. I had to leave the job and leave the country for four months. 

“I just had to get away.” 

The victim was drinking and watching football with a friend in Johnstone’s Keystone pub on October 30 last year when they met “the two Roberts” – as they are known locally – and headed back to the couple’s flat.

He believed they were going to fetch keys to another pub, Callum’s, where 
Stewart was the manager.

However, the victim told the court he was given a drink and started to feel drowsy. He fell unconscious and woke to find Stewart performing a sex act on him.

The Gazette: Callum's, in High Street, where Robert Stewart was the manager Callum's, in High Street, where Robert Stewart was the manager

He said: “Robert Taylor had fallen asleep on the couch. Robert Stewart had moved and was on his knees in front of me. My trousers had been pulled down and my boxers had been pulled down.

“I tried to push him away but everything felt heavy.”

The man believes it is important for assault victims to speak up even if they might be accused of lying. 

He added: “There are people who maybe don’t want to come forward because they are worried they will be made out not to be a victim. It is important that people do come forward.” 

Stewart lodged a special defence of consent, claiming the man was a willing participant. But, after hearing Stewart initially told police nothing had happened then said it was consensual after his DNA was found on the victim, the jury convicted him.

Sheriff Seith Ireland placed Stewart, now of Kilmarnock, on the Sex Offenders’ Register. He faces up to five years when he returns for sentencing. 

Additional reporting by Rory Cassidy. 

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