A JOHNSTONE woman has told of her devastation when she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a consultant advised her on two occasions she had nothing to worry about.

Isabella Holmes revealed how her initial relief at being told the lump on her breast wasn’t cancer turned to horror when the consultant carried out a further test that confirmed her worst fears.

Now Isabella is warning other women cancer can be missed in a mammogram and they should insist on other tests if they have any doubts.

Isabella, 47, found a lump in June 2017 and attended the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. 

She said: “I had a mammogram and ultrasound and I was told I did not have cancer. I had what was referred to as ‘lumps and bumps for my age’.”

However, the lump didn’t go away and Isabella’s fears heightened when she heard that a friend’s family member was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer six months after being given the all-clear.

She did her own research and discovered while mammography can be effective on breast fatty tissue, it is not as effective on dense tissue and can miss cancers.

Isabella added: “My GP referred me back and the consultant examined me again and said that this was nothing to worry about. I told him I felt this was not right and I wanted a biopsy.  

“My consultant did a biopsy in his office straight away and I returned for the results a week later. His words were, ‘This is a surprise, but it is cancer’. I was shocked but also felt relieved I had followed my instinct.”

Now, after completing treatment for the stage two cancer, which spread to her lymph nodes, Isabella is determined to show how the disease did not take away her sense of identity.

She joined her local rock choir and sang a solo in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during her treatment when she had lost all her hair.

And on October 24 she will strut her stuff along with 23 others at a top Glasgow hotel in Breast Cancer Care’s annual fashion show.

Claire Devlin, the charity’s event manager, said: “We will enjoy some well-deserved pampering and show it’s possible to look great and feel confident after a diagnosis of breast cancer.”

The charity aims to raise around £160k from the event.

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