A JOHNSTONE schoolgirl has hatched an unusual plan to raise money for a worthy cause...by convincing neighbours to buy eggs laid by her pet chickens.

Nine-year-old Amy Morton’s cracking idea sees her selling the fresh eggs in return for a donation to Accord Hospice, in Paisley, where her mum works.

Amy’s poultry partners, Maureen and Ginger, do their bit to support the enterprise by each laying an egg per day, which she then gathers in a basket before setting off on her rounds.

Her proud mum, Alison Neillie, 42, told The Gazette: “Amy is such a kind-hearted wee soul.

“She had some pocket money that she wanted to donate to the hospice but I said she should try to think of an idea to raise money instead.

“We stay in a converted farm and have two chickens, so Amy came up with the idea to collect the eggs each day and go round the neighbours to ask if they’d like to buy them.

“I got her a collection tin and off she went. We’re a small community but I asked the neighbours if it would be okay for Amy to go round their doors and they were happy to help.

“There are only two eggs laid per day, so the production is becoming quite demanding on Maureen and Ginger.”

Amy, who is a pupil at Woodlands Primary, in Linwood, said she is keen to help the hospice in any way she can.

“My neighbours have been really generous,” she added. “I can’t wait to count all of the money and give it to the hospice. I’m going to keep helping too. I’ve got keyrings and sweets I can use to try to raise more money.”

Alison, works at the hospice’s inpatient unit as a staff nurse.

She said: “Amy comes into the hospice with me for various reasons, as I’m often on call or need to pick up stuff. She totally understands what the hospice is and that it’s for people who are very sick.

“We’ll take the collection tin into the office soon. She’s looking forward to seeing how much is in it.”

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