A CRAZED couple left a dad scarred for life in a savage attack.

Matthew Pease, 52, lost a tooth and suffered permanent damage to his lip during the assault on November 16 last year.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard that John Lochlan, 32, and his 37-year-old partner Kelly Ferguson set upon Mr Pease following an argument over money.

Ferguson, of Waverley Road, Paisley, admitted spitting on Mr Pease and repeatedly kicking him on the body, as well as behaving in a threatening or abusive way.

Lochlan, of Houston Street, Renfrew, maintained his innocence and went on trial this week, charged with behaving in a threatening or abusive way by shouting, swearing, demanding money and threatening violence.

He also denied assaulting Mr Pease by punching him, hitting him on the head with a rock and kicking his head and body.

Lochlan gave evidence in his own defence, rubbishing claims that he and Ferguson had gone there to get money from their victim.

He told procurator fiscal depute David McDonald: “I did throw a punch at him but only after he’d hit me twice. It knocked him out.”

However, a jury convicted him of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement after prosecutors had dropped the threatening or abusive behaviour charge.

Sheriff Tom McCartney caged Lochlan for 18 months for the attack and called for background reports to be prepared on Ferguson ahead of sentencing.

She will learn her fate this month. 

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