A COMMEMORATIVE plaque celebrating the life of a heroic Johnstone soldier who died in battle has been given a new home.

Private William Carlile, of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, perished during the First World War while saving the life of another Johnstone squaddie.

He was killed in Festubert, France, in June 1915 as he came to the rescue of Private John Gillin.

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A memorial to Private Carlile had been in place in Ludovic Square, next to Johnstone Town Hall, but disappeared around two years ago.

Local man Bill Rennie, 71, launched a bid to trace the plaque after becoming aware of its disappearance in the summer.

He appealed to The Gazette for help and, after we asked council chiefs for an update, it was revealed they had removed the memorial for repairs.

Now a new tribute has been installed at a new location in Ludovic Square, just in time for Remembrance Sunday.

A delighted Mr Rennie told The Gazette: “I just want to say thank-you for your efforts to make sure the memorial was installed before the Remembrance service.

“The family of the rescued soldier always come along to pay their respects but they made me aware the memorial wasn’t there last year.

“It is great they will now be able to see it.

“William Carlile was just 17 when he showed such bravery.”

It was the second time the plaque had gone missing, after a similar incident in 2013, only for council bosses to later reveal it had been temporarily removed due to work on the new town hall.

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A council spokesperson said: “We’re delighted that we were able to reinstall this plaque for Private Carlile in time for Remembrance Day and this will remain a fitting tribute to his memory in Johnstone.

“It’s important that we pay our respects to those we have lost and we would encourage everyone to attend one of our Remembrance services taking place across Renfrewshire this Sunday.”

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