SCOTRAIL faced a backlash this week over responses by the firm’s Twitter account to social media users. 

In a series of replies, one of the staff operating the account – named “MF” – issued snappy answers to those with questions; including from one user regarding Bishopton train station. 

Referring to a campaign to ensure tickets are bought before boarding, Gordon Stewart asked: “What if you catch the train with seconds to spare? Are we getting the jail even though buying a ticket on the train going to a barrier station?”

ScotRail replied: “We would advise to arrive at the station with plenty of time before hand. Thanks, ^MF”

Scott Mackenzie weighed in, telling ScotRail: “This is an awful response. Some people need to catch a bus to the station which they have no control over and can mean getting there two minutes before train is due.”

Josh Donnelly then asked about Bishopton train station, and what would happen if there was no one in the office when passengers tried to buy a ticket. 

ScotRail responded: "I'm not going to discuss 'what ifs' with you, Josh. If your station has ticket facilities then we would recommend to buy before you board." 

Another user, Paul Moran, posted a picture of a folded-up seat and asked: “Why offer first-class tickets for trains that only have two carriages and no seats. Having to sit on one of these as well. Edinburgh to Perth.”

ScotRail hit back: “That is a seat, Paul. ^MF”

Moran replied: “That’s not the point nor funny. I’m a visitor to your country and went to buy a ticket. £16 single or £23 first class. Decided to treat myself.

"Train has no first-class section or seats. So basically ripped off £7. Why sell 1st class tickets for a train that has none.”

Only then did ScotRail offer advice on refunds.

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