WESTMINSTER election candidate Mhairi Black has warned Renfrewshire faces “untold damage” from Brexit.

The SNP politician, who hopes to regain her Paisley and Renfrewshire South seat in next month’s vote, feels this could be the most important election in her career due to the UK’s planned exit from the EU.

“Renfrewshire faces being dragged out of the EU, against its will, in a way that will do untold damage to the already fragile economy of the area,” she told The Gazette.

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“The university in the constituency relies on EU funding for its research. 

“The quarry in Kilbarchan relies on single market access to continue excelling.

“This election is likely to be the most significant one I ever stand in. 



“It’s never been more important to have strong voices in Westminster who stand up for your interests.”

The 25-year-old candidate also said she wants to continue her work in the constituency.

She added: “In 2015, I stood on a platform of ending austerity and ensuring fairness was at the heart of political decision-making.

“But between a Tory majority in 2015 and the Brexit crisis distracting from everything else since, we haven’t been able to get that work done.

“I’m standing because I want the chance to finish the work that we’ve started.”

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