There was a splash of hope for the future of Johnstone Swimming Pool in 2009 as a local group claimed they had found a new, cheaper alternative.

The new proposal was unveiled at a Johnstone Community Council meeting by council member Ian McNaught.

His presentation outlined a town centre pool which would be in the same place as the current building but cost £1.5million less than the council’s plan.

Ian proposed to demolish the swimming pool and build a new two-storey complex in its place.

With the help of company Merit Merrell Technology, Ian was able to put together an impressive plan that would cost an estimated £4.9million.

Local councillor Bruce McFee thanked Ian for putting together the proposal and said that, if it was financially sound, the council would look into it.

He added at the time: “Your people need to be speaking to us as a matter of urgency.

“As I have said before, if someone came up with an alternative, I would look at it.”

The proposed building would have hosted a swimming pool, children’s splash pool, fitness and dance studios, community changing area and separate school changing areas.

Chairman of the community council, Chris Gilmour, thanked Ian for his hard work.

He said: “Thank you for a great presentation and thank you Bruce for listening.

“This, to me, would be fantastic. It’s a step towards regenerating the town centre.”

After the meeting, Ian said: “I now hope the council will view this proposal on its merits and conclude this delivers best value.”

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