A FESTIVE lights switch-on event in Linwood has been cancelled due to a funding mix-up. 

Organisers of Light Up Linwood, which has taken place in the town for the last six years, announced they had called off the big day due to “unforeseen circumstances”. 

The volunteer group blamed a failure to secure funding for putting a stop to the December 7 switch-on, meaning the only Christmas event won’t go ahead this year. 

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Previously, organisers of Light Up Linwood had sat on the community council but, since a new membership was elected at a recent AGM, that was no longer the case.  

The funding, which was ring-fenced in June by the Johnstone and Linwood Local Partnership, is still available but can only go to an event the community council is involved in organising.

Light Up Linwood said in a Facebook post: “We would like to thank everyone from oor wee toon for your continued support over the past six years and we assure you we will definitely be back next year with a fabulous Christmas celebration. 

“The cancellation of this year’s event is completely outwith our control.”

The Gazette: Cllr Jim Sheridan hoped "common sense" would prevail Cllr Jim Sheridan hoped "common sense" would prevail

Councillor Jim Sheridan said: “It’s extremely unfortunate and regrettable that it has come to this and I think if there had been the political will to find the money then it could have been saved. We could have sorted out the money at a later date and just used a bit of common sense.” 

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There is a chance December’s event could be saved if the community council decides to step in and arrange its own event with the money. 

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson added: “We have not been advised that the new community council will not arrange their own event and arrangements are being made to transfer the funds to them.”

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