LOCHWINNOCH Community Council (LCC) has disbanded following a bust-up over membership procedures. 

A Renfrewshire Council officer has been accused of causing ‘major upset’ after allowing someone to join the community council whose nomination form had been submitted late.

According to a council document, entitled Establishment of Community Councils, any nomination forms submitted after the deadline date ‘will not be accepted’. However, LCC would be allowed to make the person a ‘co-opted’ member, but only after a six-month period.

The move to allow the resident to join straight away caused uproar at the annual general meeting (AGM) and, as a result, the chairman David Arthur and three other office bearers resigned, leaving the council without the required membership to be established.

Renfrewshire Council has said there was an ‘administrative error’ with the membership list following the AGM and attempts were made to resolve the matter. 

In a letter seen by The Gazette to Ms Anne McNaughton from Mr Arthur, the former chairman blasted the ‘unacceptable’ action taken.

He said: “I have never come across an unacceptable action like you have carried out.

“I am very strongly of the opinion the rules and constitutions are in place for very solid and sound reasons.

“I feel I have no choice but to resign with immediate effect.”

An election is set to be held in the new year in the hope of reforming the council. 

Councillor Andy Doig, who represents the village, added: “This has caused the demise of one of the best community councils in Renfrewshire.

“The council have been heavy-handed in this situation.”

A spokesman for Renfrewshire Council said: “We’re working closely with the Lochwinnoch community to ensure the area can continue to have a functioning Community Council.

“An administrative error with the membership list was made  and we have been working with all community members involved to try and resolve this matter. Unfortunately, this has not been possible.” 

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