VILLAGERS have vowed to continue fighting for a pedestrian crossing to be installed at a dangerous Houston junction despite council chiefs insisting one ‘isn’t necessary’.

Worried parents began calling for traffic calming measures at the junction between Main Street and South Street earlier this year, with hundreds signing a petition demanding action on the busy school route.

But campaigners have been thrown a curveball, as findings from a survey at the junction concluded “the degree of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles did not meet the threshold for the justification of a school crossing patrol”.

Council bosses also say they cannot justify putting a controlled pedestrian crossing in place.

But Councillor Alison Dowling, who has been a leading figure in the campaign, said she was not prepared to stand by and watch a child die.

Cllr Dowling, who represents the area on Renfrewshire Council, said: “The junction poses a level of risk which is unacceptable, and I and the community are not prepared to be proven right by the death of a child. 

“I will continue to support the community in securing safety measures.

“The low numbers presented in the survey didn’t reflect the usage I’ve seen or the feedback from the community.”

Cllr Dowling called an urgent meeting last week with a senior council officer to discuss her concerns.

Analysis is still to be fed back regarding the speed of traffic around the junction.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Officers have assessed the junction and it does not meet the criteria for a school crossing patrol point.

“However, we will be undertaking further analysis to determine if any traffic calming measures would be appropriate.”

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