LABOUR candidate Moira Ramage insists she has not heard ‘the B word’ mentioned once while campaigning across Paisley and Renfrewshire South.

Mrs Ramage believes there is a multitude of local issues which must be focused on beyond Brexit and major Westminster matters.

In particular, she has highlighted some of the problems villagers in Renfrewshire have been experiencing which she is keen to help resolve.

“I’ve not actually had the B word mentioned once,” said the mum-of-four. “People’s complaints range but they are along the same themes.

“One of the things mentioned is people are trying to get on with their lives without a bus service.

“I’m told by lots of people that their bus either doesn’t come or, if it does, it’s late, so you can’t plan.

“In Lochwinnoch, in particular, trying to get to the train station is a problem, as it’s way out of the village and I’m told the bus finishes about 10pm on weekends.

“In Kilbarchan, the issue has been people feeling that houses on some streets were built when it was never envisaged working class people would have a car, so you’ve now got cars on both sides of the street.

“Labour want to take bus companies out of private ownership, where the runs which are least profitable get cut, having an impact on rural people.”

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