MHAIRI Black has said this election is a chance for the country to escape Brexit and boot Boris Johnson out.

The SNP candidate, who is looking to retain her seat in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, branded the UK Government as “inward-looking” and will take the message to the voters that this is a chance to vote for an “open and inclusive” Scotland.

The 25-year-old, who opened up a hub in Johnstone last week, said: “The last few weeks have been brilliant on the campaign trail.

“We’ve opened our Johnstone and Villages campaign hub, had the First Minister visit the constituency and ran canvassing and leafleting sessions almost every day – including two huge ‘Super Saturdays’ that were a massive success.

“This campaign is about the people of Renfrewshire having the choice between an inward-looking Boris Britain with a Brexit we didn’t vote for thrust on us, or an open, inclusive and outward looking Scotland in Europe. That’s the message I’ve been taking to the voters and it’s no surprise that most agree with me that the latter is the only way forward for Scotland.”

Ms Black added: “Every election is important but this one is easily the most important in decades. This election gives us a chance to escape Brexit and boot Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.”

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