LIBERAL Democrat candidate Jack Clark hopes that putting a greater emphasis on public transport will help tackle climate change in Renfrewshire.

The 20-year-old election hopeful said he will encourage more people to use public transport, to limit emissions from town centre congestion, if he wins the vote.

“I’m trying to help people move towards public transport,” he said.

“The bus services are good, in terms of frequency, but they can always be better. You see the amount of congestion in the town centre, there’s still a lot of car usage in the area. If we’re trying to sort out climate change, we need to get people using public transport.”

The politics student worked with Renfrewshire councillor Eileen McCartin to submit her climate emergency motion to council leaders earlier this year.

“I’d look to try and move to hybrid or electric buses locally,” said Mr Clark. “Obviously, that’s a decision for the council, McGill’s and First Bus, but I’d recommend to them that this is the best way forward.

“We need more electric charging points in town, so that people can move towards their own electric cars.

“In terms of rail on the Paisley Canal line, some of the trains they’re using are from the 1970s, so that needs to be updated.

“I know that is a devolved issue but it’s something that does need sorted out.”

One of the main reasons Mr Clark joined the Lib Dems was the party’s stance on climate change, particularly fracking.

“We have been consistently against fracking,” he added. “And we’ve been very strong on climate issues.”

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