TWO police officers from Renfrewshire who risked their own lives while capturing an armed thug have been honoured for their bravery.

Constable Steven McDonald, who was stabbed in the chest during the arrest, and his colleague Bryan Cochran received the Scottish Police Federation bravery award at a ceremony in Edinburgh.

The duo, who are normally based at intu Braehead shopping centre, in Renfrew, had been on their way to give evidence in a case at Glasgow Sheriff Court when they spotted youths acting suspiciously at a parked car.

Despite not wearing any protective equipment, PC McDonald and PC Cochran approached and identified themselves as officers, prompting the group to scatter.

However, one yob ran directly at the two constables, who quickly grabbed hold of him by the arms.

A struggle ensued and PC McDonald felt a “jolt” to his chest but thought he had just been punched.

Seconds later, a five-inch hunting knife fell from the teenager’s hand and the officer realised he had been stabbed.

PC McDonald, 33, said: “During that struggle, the male had managed to throw his left arm across his body and connect with my sternum.

“I looked down and realised there was blood on my shirt and that he had actually caught me with the knife.

“At that moment in time, with my wife heavily pregnant, you are thinking about your family.

“I’ve never been so relieved when I realised I wasn’t seriously injured and everything was going to be okay.”

PC Cochran, 42, added: “I heard a piece of metal land on the road and could see it was a five-inch hunting knife that had fallen from the male’s hand.

“The struggle continued and I saw that Steven had stumbled back and was looking down at his chest.

“There was some blood and I realised he had been stabbed.”

PC McDonald and PC Cochran were nominated for the bravery award by their colleagues.

Andrea MacDonald, chair of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “All the winners are a credit to the service and it was my privilege to thank them for their heroic actions, on behalf of their colleagues, families, friends and the general public.”

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