LABOUR hopeful Alison Taylor has insisted the next government should have no bigger priority than addressing climate change.

Mrs Taylor, who hopes to win the Paisley and Renfrewshire North seat, believes her party has presented policies which will tackle the issue head on and with urgency.

She said: “There can be no bigger issue of our time than the climate emergency.

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“A Labour government would immediately pass a climate emergency bill if elected, bringing about a ‘green’ industrial revolution which would create highly-skilled and well-paid jobs here in Renfrewshire.

“A lot of young people have been saying they are going to vote Labour and we need these new green, clean jobs coming through for them. These are the things which are going to inspire young people to have hope and have a point.

“We need to sort out the environment quickly. We need to get more electric cars on the road if we’re going to keep driving cars and these things are just not happening quickly enough. We’re running out of time as far as the environment is concerned.

“I personally see it as an emergency. It is the most important issue of the day.”

Mrs Taylor, who is giving the seat a second shot after losing out to Gavin Newlands in 2017, feels the UK is reaching a “crisis point” in a variety of areas and that more government intervention may be needed.

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She added: “There are other things which are important too but this is the problem. I feel like we are reaching a crisis point all at once with everything and that’s why we need a dramatic change – and quickly – and that’s why, whether or not you believe in more government intervention and high taxation, I think we all have to accept that, for the next five years, that’s the way it might have to be.

“I think people will be prepared to pay higher taxes. I don’t really see what the alternative is.”

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