LABOUR representative Moira Ramage has pledged to bring more equality to Renfrewshire, after claiming Johnstone is “a bit neglected.”

The Paisley and Renfrewshire South candidate believes facilities in the town aren’t being used to the best of their potential and that High Street looks “a mess” in certain places.

She also pointed out issues at Johnstone High School, alongside rundown shops which steer people away from investing in the town.

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Mrs Ramage said: “I think Johnstone’s a great place but, having walked down the high street, I know there are shops which are rundown.

“We say we want to invest in the economy of towns such as Johnstone and bring people back to the high street but we are never going to do that if the place looks a mess.

“Something has to be done to make people feel as if the high street is being reclaimed.

“Also, Johnstone High is in a really shocking state. The football pitch behind the astroturf pitch, you wouldn’t even know it was a football pitch.

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“There’s a real need for kids to be pushed to make sure they do get enough exercise and yet we’ve got these facilities which are not being used to the best of their potential.”

Mrs Ramage added: “People in Johnstone pay their taxes and I think, sometimes, it looks as if it’s a bit neglected.”

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