CONSERVATIVE candidate Mark Dougan believes he is the man to stand up for people in Renfrewshire who feel they have been ‘pushed aside.’

Mr Dougan said that, while campaigning in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, people he has spoken with are growing tired of the SNP’s “obsession with independence.”

He will be looking to build on the Tories’ performance in 2017, where the party got fewer than a fifth of the votes across the constituency.

Mr Dougan said: “The campaign has been going well so far.

“Alongside my colleagues, I have been campaigning across Renfrewshire.

“Speaking to voters, it is clear they’ve had enough of the SNP’s obsession with independence. The Scottish Government have a day job to do but they are failing on a range of issues, from police to the health service.

“My message about wanting to be elected to stand up for our forgotten communities is cutting through and I’m confident this will translate into votes.”

Mr Dougan, 23, has already insisted Johnstone and the villages should not be forgotten about when it comes to investment.

He also said his party is in a position to “get Brexit sorted” and believes the democratic decision of the UK to leave the European Union should be respected.

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