JOAN Terrey never got to see much of Christmas when she was a child.

The 77-year-old Erskine woman spent much of the first eight years of her life in hospital, battling with an uncommon case of skeletal tuberculosis in her ankle bone.

But now, having missed out on festivities for so long, Joan is known as the Queen of Christmas in her home town, as residents from far and wide flock to catch a glimpse of her stunning display of lights and decorations.

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Joan has been adding to her impressive collection over the past two decades, making sure she and her neighbours soak up everything this magical time of year has to offer.

And her granddaughter Jade Muir, 37, said people now wait in anticipation to see what new additions Joan has in her garden every year.

“Every single year, she adds more decorations,” said Jade.

“The children come along to have pictures taken with them. People are really drawn to the display.

“My gran was stuck in hospital a lot of the time up until she was eight. She had TB in her ankle bone.”

Tuberculosis, which is a bacterial infection, affects the respiratory system in the vast majority of cases but Joan was dealt an unlucky hand as one of the very few who contracted the infection in her bones.

And lighting up life at this time of year has been important to the pensioner ever since her drawn-out struggle.

Jade added: “She’s now been doing this for 20 years and it’s really popular. She’s making up for all those Christmasses she missed out on.”

Joan will be spending the festive period with her family this year, including her great-grandson John, who is a top fan of Park Grove’s light show.

Jade added: “We are a very close-knit family, so we are all going to my mum’s and will be making it a special one.

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“John has really loved what gran has been doing.”

Joan’s display includes the likes of reindeers, penguins, toy trains, Santa and just about every colour of fairy light you could think of.

Everyone is welcome to go along and take a look at Park Grove’s festive sensation.

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