RENFREW co-manager Colin Clark has defended his players after a ‘shame game’ was abandoned when a mass brawl erupted.

The bad-tempered clash with Petershill at Renfrew’s New Western Park had to be halted before half-time as rivals swapped punches on the pitch.

Referee Ryan Oliver sent off two Renfrew players and three from Petershill, as well as red carding a member of the visitors’ coaching staff.

There were also reports of fans getting involved in the melee.

Mr Clark admitted the scenes were “not nice to see.”

He told The Gazette: “We’ve got blame attached on our side because we’ve got sending offs, so we can’t be sitting here saying we’re the innocent party.

“We’ve got to take responsibility for that.”

However, Mr Clark added: “My conscience is clear about my boys. They’ve acted under provocation and we’re one hundred per cent behind them.”

The West Region Championship tussle descended into chaos on Saturday as tempers exploded.

The Scottish Junior Football Association (SJFA) has confirmed it is investigating what happened.

The Gazette: Frew co-boss Colin Clark backed his players Frew co-boss Colin Clark backed his players

Scott Robertson, SJFA West Region general secretary, said: “Once we’ve gathered all the reports, we will deal with it.

“We’re awaiting the referee’s report and we’ll write to both clubs and take it from there.

“We will see what action needs to be taken. The committee will decide if there is going to be any punishment.”

Petershill, who are in 13th place in the league, led 1-0 through Ronan Kearney’s fifth-minute opener against third-placed Renfrew before violence erupted.

Video footage has since emerged on social media that shows players being knocked to the ground as blows are exchanged.

Supporters from both clubs have blamed the other team for the violence.


Some fans singled out a Petershill player for late tackles, saying these helped to create a powder-keg atmosphere.

A Police Scotland spokesman said they were not involved in investigating the incident.