AIRPORT bosses have come under fire as lengthy queues at security sparked ‘chaotic’ scenes this morning.

Dozens of passengers at Glasgow Airport expressed their frustration on social media after having to wait well over an hour to pass through the checks.

A number of travellers – concerned that they would be delayed so long they would miss their flight – claimed that only two of the security lanes were open in the hall.

Airport staff repeatedly apologised online, adding that “all available staff are on duty”.

Among those stuck in the queues was former Scottish Government minister, Labour's Margaret Curran.

The Gazette: Queues at Glasgow Airport security (@rhysfisher3)Queues at Glasgow Airport security (@rhysfisher3)

She wrote on Twitter at 8.30am: “Pretty shocking service Glasgow Airport – huge queues with only one lane open!

“Employ more staff! Lots of people really stressed about missing flights.”

She later added at 9am: “No explanation from Glasgow Airport and it’s a shambles.

“Got police here but people remarkably patient although most comments about management…you can guess.”

Responding to her post closer to 10am, Glasgow Airport replied: “Hi Margaret, we’re extremely sorry about the queue times today.

“All available staff are on duty and we’re working hard to reduce the time that people are having to wait.

“Currently we’re looking at between 45 and 50 minutes to get through security”.

Danielle Easton described her experience with staff at security as “disgraceful”.

She wrote: “You should be ashamed of the way your staff treat passengers.

“A complete shambles at departure - one hour to get through the security check and then be spoken down to like children. Disgraceful.

“Will be sure to fly via Edinburgh or Prestwick next time.”

Twitter user @4loveandmoney also vented his frustration online, adding: “Nearly 1.5 hours queue to get through security. Only 2 out of 12 lanes open, no direction, no organisation.”

After a response from the airport, he continued: “It’s all good apologising now.

“But there is no one talking to passengers, giving out any information at all. At least try and manage a bad situation – why is there only 2 security lanes open?”

History teacher Paul Hamilton added: “Almost never made my flight due to the queues at security at Glasgow Airport.

“Complete lack of organisation – never saw it that bad before!”

Ciaran Carey wrote : “Ridiculous queues this morning.

“Only two security lanes open out of six?!

“No excuse to say all available staff are working, you knew in advance how many flights/passengers there would be.

“Nowhere near good enough. No excuse for not being prepared.”

A Glasgow Airport spokesperson said: “We experienced longer than usual queues at our security hall earlier and would like to apologise to those passengers who were caught up in those queues.”