FED-UP motorists are pleading with roads chiefs to fix a crumbling carriageway that has left many drivers facing a hefty repair bill.

Beith Road is one of Johnstone’s main thoroughfares but the pothole-riddled route has been branded “disgraceful” by some motorists.

One notorious crater near the junction with Thorn Brae was filled in last week following a stream of complaints.

However, there are calls for Renfrewshire Council to carry out more robust repairs.

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Councillor John Hood, who represents Johnstone South and Elderslie, told The Gazette: “I have reported problems with this road a number of times and had a number of complaints from locals but nothing seems to change. It’s ridiculous.

“The whole road is a disgrace. They keep filling the potholes temporarily but that doesn’t seem to work, so I’m not sure if there is a problem with the stuff they are using.”

The road was included in Renfrewshire Council’s £40million road investment programme announced last year, which is due to continue until the end of 2023/24.

Work is due to be conducted on Beith Road and other areas of Johnstone, including Craigview Avenue and Bankside Avenue, as part of the first phase of improvements, at a cost of £8m.

Councillor Hood, who says parking congestion in the Thorn Brae area is adding to the problem, has called for care to be taken to ensure that repairs last.

“There are also problems with parking in the area and, because of that, people have no option but to park on the street,” he added.

“You then can’t avoid the potholes when you are driving.

“Beith Road should be included in next year’s improvement schedule and I hope guarantees are given that it will be.

“They shouldn’t just fill in the potholes as a stop-gap. They should do more of the road to ensure the work lasts.”

Those concerns have been echoed by Johnstone Community Council chairman Tom Wallace, who has praised roads bosses for investing millions of pounds in repairs but also questioned the longevity of improvement work.

He said: “One of our members raised this at our most recent meeting and said they had been forced to pay out after their car got damaged by a pothole there.

“You have to give the council credit for the investment they have made in the roads but now is the time when you find out how good a job they have done.”

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A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “We recognise the importance of providing a roads network which is fit for purpose and is safe for all road users, which is why we have made a five-year, £40million investment to improve the standard of roads throughout the area.

“Beith Road is set to be resurfaced this year and works will include the junction at the Thorn Inn.

“We continue to encourage people to report any issues with the road surfaces in Renfrewshire as part of our commitment to improving the quality and usability of our roads network.”

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