PUPILS at a Renfrewshire school are appealing to companies in the area to be good sports by helping them complete their new play area.

Primary one and two kids at Howwood Primary have been given their own special area but the fun can’t start because, as yet, there is nothing to play on.

The enterprising P2 youngsters have set out to remedy the situation by writing to a range of Renfrewshire companies to ask for their help.

Jane Daly, senior clerical officer at the school, said the pupils are confident their letters will tug at the heartstrings and convince some kind-hearted benefactors to lend their support.

She added: “The school has very large grounds, which essentially includes a field that is used for football games.

“We have plenty of space but the pupils in primary one and two needed their own area, so one was created using bark.

“They had been playing on the grass but that often got too wet.

“The bark has been laid. All we need now is some equipment to complete the project.”

Jane added: “Playing outdoors is an important part of the school day when it’s not raining.

“The children are keen to get the project completed so that the fun can start in earnest.”

High on the school’s wish-list is a playhouse but the youngsters would also be happy with stepping stones, tree stumps to sit on or any other suitable items.

Jane said the school, with a roll of only 112 pupils, is one of Renfrewshire’s smallest primaries but enjoys good support from parents and the wider community.

She added: “There is an excellent spirit in the school, with older pupils always willing to help the wee ones.”

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