What is going on with some people and why can’t they keep their frustrations to themselves, instead of keying cars and throwing boulders into people’s windows?

In some parts of Dargavel, it seems residents can’t be left in peace to enjoy life in their new home.

People are having their cars vandalised by mindless yobs who seem to be jealous of other folk having nice things.

A number of residents have woken to find their vehicle has been ‘keyed’ – and nobody seems to have heard anything or seen anything suspicious.

I was appalled to hear about another household where a boulder was thrown through the window – again without anyone seeing or hearing anything untoward.

These events, which police refer to as ‘low-level crime,’ cause real stress for the residents and car owners who are on the receiving end.

The victims face the inconvenience and expense of repairing whatever was vandalised.

Something needs to be done to stamp out this sort of thing.

I know that, sadly, incidents like this are nothing new but Dargavel is a new estate, so where are the vandals coming from and why are they doing it?

A Neighbourhood Watch group could be started, if there isn’t one already in operation, and webcams could be installed at folk’s homes. These would surely be a start in a concerted effort to clamp down on this problem.

We all know that police officers have to attend more serious incidents but surely residents have a right to go to their bed and wake up the next day without finding that their home or car has been damaged by mindless idiots?

I’m not calling for police patrols in the area every night (although that would certainly be welcomed) but residents are entitled to expect a police presence every now and then.

Whatever happened to community policing?