An announcement concerning Renfrewshire has made me happy and mad at the same time.

I thought it was great news to hear of proposals to pull down The Paisley Centre and make it more of a social space, with restaurants and a cinema, in an attempt to revamp the whole area and entice folk back into the town.

But it turns out there are no such plans to fund projects in the likes of Erskine.

Town centres across Renfrewshire are to benefit from a £1.46million cash boost as the area’s share of the Scottish Government’s £50m Town Centre Capital Fund, aimed at bringing vacant buildings back into use, improving infrastructure and supporting community-led regeneration.

Paisley, Johnstone and Renfrew are getting money to transform key sites.

Yet again, however, Erskine comes away with crumbs.

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There have been so many new homes built in Erskine and Bishopton but there has been next to nothing provided for the many thousands of people who live there.

Paisley seems to have money thrown at it left, right and centre, with refurbished and new buildings being planned and built, but all we get in Erskine are more houses and more traffic congestion.

With the amount of council tax money taken out of Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan over the years, it is an outrage that community facilities are practically non-existent.

Erskine may have had a new high school built at a cost of £30m but how much money has been taken out of the community?

How about we start lobbying for more facilities? For a start, we could get a community theatre up and running, which would help the environment at the same time, as we wouldn’t have to travel on the busy roads and get caught up in the congestion trying to get out of Erskine and Bishopton.