TWO pieces of news caught my eye this week – the talk of car manufacturers moving to electric vehicles sooner than they previously thought and suggestions that George Square, in Glasgow, should be pedestrianised.

While these two actions may be good in theory, has enough thought been given to how all this will pan out?

As far as Glasgow trying to cut down the amount of traffic in and around the middle of the city centre is concerned, I say bring it on.

Yes, we need a civic space and, yes, the events held in George Square are good for visitors and for some of those who live in the city and the surrounding area but is cutting out traffic the best move?

If we can’t use our cars to get into the city, exactly how do we get there?

Perhaps we could catch a train? On second thought, most of the trains running through Bishopton still just have three carriages – the same set-up that has served the area for decades – so how would that work out?

As for electric vehicles, these are fine in theory but, until we have an infrastructure that can properly support them, it’s a rubbish idea.

Let’s face it, how long does your phone battery last? Can you imagine going any length of journey with a car that needs re-charging every 80 or so miles?

Of course, we are told we can use charging bays but exactly how is that going to work?

There aren’t even a handful of these in the council car park at Bridgewater Shopping Centre so, if everyone changes to electric cars, how big is the queue going to be before you get a chance to re-charge?

Then again, the positive result could be there will be more coffee shops and meeting places locally as more of us avoid heading into the city.

Perhaps changes coming down the line will be good for us, as we could demand more facilities are provided locally.

Wouldn’t that be a big plus for the environment...