ERSKINE residents are being invited to take part in a task force which is being set up to address the coronavirus crisis.

Erskine Community Council have co-ordinated the task force, consisting of local churches, Bridgewater Housing Association and volunteer groups, who will be conversing via Skype on Thursday at 2pm to form an action plan to protect the most vulnerable in the community.

The task force will be tackling social isolation as well as practical issues such as delivering groceries and healthcare items to residents.

Forms are being used by the community council to create a point of contact between vulnerable self-isolating individuals and volunteer helpers, as well as leaflets designed to identify the need for social distancing when dropping off goods.

The Gazette:

A message on Erskine Community Council’s Facebook page stated: “In response to the most current advice, and the impact that this will have on us all, Erskine Community Council are offering assistance in co-ordinating the support offered by local residents.

“We are grateful, and incredibly fortunate, to have a community in which many of our residents are carrying out services for friends, family and neighbours – the aim of this group is to help ensure that no one is overlooked.

“We’re acutely aware that this is a challenging period for communities across the country and it’s prudent that we all come together and do whatever we can for our local areas.

“Please let us know if you have any ideas which will help our community more effectively support one another.”

Anyone who wishes to take part in the Erskine Community Council task force are advised to contact the group via email at or via their Facebook page here to offer assistance.

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