FOOD fan Martin Goodwin aims to cause quite a offering his services as a travelling chef.

The 56-year-old grandad has launched a unique business offering home visits to wannabe cooks as he looks to pass on his passion for all things tasty.

His ‘Goodwin’s Gourmet’ service involves teaching families how to slice and dice their way to freshly-prepared, healthy meals, while also providing dinner plans for working mums and dads.

The Gazette:

“I want to take my passion for food and pass it onto others,” Martin told The Gazette. “Most people generally just stick to six, seven or eight staples and use them every week to feed their families.

“I want to teach people how to cook 10 different dishes with mince or different ways they can use a chicken.

“If you buy food from a supermarket, such as a lasagne, you have to dig to find the actual mince.

“If you take the five meals a week, it isn’t too difficult to make even just one or two of them vegetarian or to make the focus the vegetables.

“We often talk about ‘meat and two veg’ but you can turn that on its head. People are now looking more closely at what they are putting in their food and are more interested in it.”

After a career as head chef in restaurants in Glasgow, the Lake District and Australia, Martin returned home to Renfrewshire before launching his new business.

The grandfather-of-four, who also has two children from a previous marriage and is stepdad to two more with current wife Jackie, 54, hopes he can help a new generation to appreciate the importance of good food.

The Gazette:

Martin, formerly of Renfrew and now living in Inchinnan, said: “I am classically French trained and worked in the food manufacturing industry for around 20 years and saw how it all worked.

“People might look at something in the supermarket and see it has a shelf life of three days but it was probably prepared five days ago.

“That means it can be eight days before the food is on your plate – and I know what they are putting in it to make it last.

“A lot of people are now using things like Just Eat or these ready-made boxes you can have delivered but I often find the boxes aren’t filling enough and I could tackle a McDonald’s after them.

The Gazette:

“The important thing is that it is all personalised and I am always happy to move things around to suit people.

“If someone doesn’t want me to make a meal with fish, for instance, I can provide alternatives to suit them.”

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