SHOP bosses in Renfrewshire have told how they've been taking sensible precautions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Staff at Johnstone-based butchers John Marshall & Son were still providing a service for customers yesterday, as were those at Elderslie Butchers.

However, both businesses were imposing restrictions, in line with government advice.

Usually, around 10 employees work at the award-winning Elderslie Butchers but, yesterday, that had been reduced to a crew of five.

In addition, only one customer was being allowed into the shop at a time, to accommodate the need for 'social distancing.'

Johnny Armstrong, one of the workers at the Elderslie-based business, told The Gazette: “Everybody’s worried about the coronavirus, which is understandable.

“We are a key business at the moment but we’ll have to close if the government tells us to.”

Mr Armstrong reported an increase in the number of people buying larger quantities of food at the shop, especially items which can be frozen, such as mince.

Meanwhile, fellow butcher Kevin Tate, of John Marshall & Son, said his store has been “booming."

He added: "It’s been absolutely crazy in here the past two weeks, just non-stop.

“Our customers seem to be coming here because all the supermarkets are out of stuff like mince, stew and chicken. All the steak pies and sauces are selling out too.

“We’ve actually had to do a good few extra hours in here, as well as try and shut the shop for an hour to restock and get a break. It’s been pretty manic.

“The counter is getting emptied every time we replenish it.

“In terms of supplies, we struggled to get chicken last week but, apart from that, everything has been okay.

“We are only letting three people in at a time and telling them where to stand, to make sure there is enough distance between them."

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