A LINWOOD businesswoman is offering to help self-isolating Renfrewshire residents who are in need of work.

Andrina Crumpton, 30, is seeking recruits for her online business Health Boss Company, which aims to help people achieve their own personal health and nutrition goals.

Working from home, online health and wellness mentors use social media platforms to inspire healthy living and contribute to a supportive online community.

And with increasing numbers of Renfrewshire residents now facing reduced income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Andrina hopes her business may offer a solution for some.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to work from home and earn extra income,” Andrina told The Gazette.

“We’ve had a lot more business partners join in the last 14 days than we have had in a long time and this will be a record-breaking month.”

Health Boss Company offers a wide range of services over social media for its users, including weight loss and meal plans, home workouts and mindfulness sessions.

Andrina herself lost four stones after following her weight loss plan.

The business predominantly relies on Facebook and Instagram to support its users, with its online support group on Facebook reaching 2,000 members this week alone.

With a growing number of people now having to stay at home, Andrina is planning to ramp up the home-based health and nutrition services on offer.

She said: “With the spread of the coronavirus, it’s important to have a strong immune system and educate people in nutrition, especially if they are staying at home now.

“We’ve got instructors doing live workouts and mindfulness sessions for our online support group and we’ll be doing a lot more online events, hangouts and coffee mornings to build our community.”

Andrina previously worked as a marketing manager before starting her business three years ago.

She added: “We’ve got about 70 business partners at the moment, with around 40 from Renfrewshire.

“I’m proud that I can offer a solution to people who are being told to self-isolate, so they can still earn an income.

“It will help many people with their income and their health, which are two things that are never going to go out of fashion.”

For more information, call Andrina on 0800 009 6942 or email andrina.crumpton@thehealthbosscompany.com.