LINWOOD residents have hit out at a barmy biker who has been using public footpaths as a racetrack.

There are fears the mystery man could cause a serious accident as he whizzes along walkways on his dirt bike.

Police have received complaints about the off-road motorcycle being driven on paths near Moss Road and the ON-X sports centre.

The biker is described as in his late teens or early 20s and usually wears a white helmet and a grey or red hoodie, as well as carrying a rucksack.

His machine is believed to be a three-quarter-sized dirt bike, with a florescent front wheel and hand guards.

One worried Linwood resident, who asked not to be identified, told The Gazette how he has spotted the biker driving recklessly in front of his house on a number of occasions since early February.

“It’s not only the noise that concerns me, it’s the fact that someone could get seriously hurt,” said the resident.

“The bike hasn’t got a registration plate, so it’s an off-road bike that should not be used on public footpaths.”

The fed-up resident, who said the motorcyclist is often seen racing along walkways after dark, added: “There could be families out walking and, if he comes careering down one of the footpaths, the impact could be devastating.”

A police spokesperson said officers received a report on Saturday, March 21, of a man riding a dirt bike on a footpath next to the ON-X sports hub, with a separate complaint made concerning similar behaviour in Moss Road on Thursday, April 9, at around 2.45pm.

On both occasions, there was no trace of the motorcyclist when police went to the scene.

Anyone who has information that can help the police with their inquiries should call 101.

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