A MAN was battered by two thugs in the middle of the street...only after he rushed to the aid of another victim. 

The 44-year-old tried to help as the brutes assaulted another man in Cowal Drive, Linwood, in a "shocking" daylight attack. 

Police say the Good Samaritan saw the pair pounce on their 31-year-old victim with a weapon at around 12pm on Friday in an unprovoked assault. 

He rushed from his home to the man's aid, only for the thugs to turn on him, before leaving the two victims in the middle of the street as they fled the scene. 

The younger man had to be rushed to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, in Paisley, where he received stitches to his head and ear. 

He has since been released. 

The older victim only sustained minor injuries but is said to have been left shaken by the incident. 

Police have now launched a manhunt for the two brutes and are appealing for the public's help. 

They describe one of the thugs as around five feet and nine inches tall, with black hair and stubble, wearing a black jumper, and blue denim jeans. 

There is no description for the other man.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101. 


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