A THUG who carried out an unprovoked attack on a pensioner before later biting off another man's ear has been jailed for more than six years.

Sean McCall pounced on 69-year-old Thomas Lamond as the OAP was out for a jog along a cycle path on February 4, 2019.

A court heard how Mr Lamond, who ran to Elderslie and back each day, was joined by McCall, who jogged alongside him and muttered something indecipherable.

The yob then kicked and stamped on his victim, who was a complete stranger, leaving him with a broken jaw.

McCall, 24, also rummaged through Mr Lamond's pockets as he lay bleeding and robbed him of his wallet.

He was on bail for that crime when he attacked Kenneth Crowhurst at his mum's home in Bruce Road, Paisley, last June.

McCall followed 47-year-old Mr Crowhurst into a bathroom and bit off one of his ears.

Surgeons were unable to reattach the ear following the gruesome incident.

McCall was today jailed for six years and five months at the High Court in Glasgow.

He had previously admitted assaulting both men to their severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Judge Sean Murphy QC told him: "The first incident was a savage and sustained attack on a man who you also robbed.

"He will be scarred for life. This man was a complete stranger to you. He was out on a morning fitness run when he encountered you purely by chance.

"The other charge was a dreadful attack on a friend of your mother. You pursued him into a bathroom and bit off his ear.

"You were on bail for the previous assault at the time. He continues to suffer psychological harm due to what you did."

McCall, of Paisley, will be supervised for a further two years after he is released from prison.

An earlier hearing was told how Mr Lamond – described as "tiny and very thin" – was set upon around 6am.

The victim begged a woman nearby in her car to help him.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said: “She shouted 'That's enough' and 'I'm going to phone the police.'

"She called the police, with McCall still punching Mr Lamond on the head.

"Mr Lamond fell and McCall repeatedly kicked him on the face and head. McCall was 'kicking like hell' into Mr Lamond, who feared he was going to kill him.”

When McCall was later traced, the victim's blood was still on his Nike Air Max trainers.

The attack on Mr Crowhurst saw McCall pin his victim to floor before biting his ear off.

Passing sentence, Judge Murphy told McCall it was a "pathetic way of explaining" himself to say he had a "limited recollection" of what happened due to consuming alcohol and Valium.

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