A LINWOOD girl who relied on the NHS after she was born three months prematurely is doing her bit to urge people to continue supporting health heroes by staying at home.

Skyla Robertson has joined 19 other children who were born early between the months of April and June 2015 and spent time in the special children’s baby unit (SCBU) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital to highlight the vital safety message on social media.

They took part in a collage which shows each of them holding up a separate word that, when put in sequence, read: ‘Stay at home so babies like us can grow up to be kids like us! We love RAH SCBU. Protect our NHS.’

The children’s families created the collage and sent it to the Paisley hospital’s neonatal unit to show solidarity with the staff and remind the general public to stay at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

It was then posted on the unit’s Facebook page, meaning it has been able to reach more people.

Skyla’s mum Nicole told The Gazette: “We wanted to let everybody see how the kids have come along so far from when they born and spread a nice message to all the key workers.

“The staff at the neonatal unit are absolutely amazing, they can’t do enough for you and the babies there are so well cared for.”

Skyla was born 14 weeks early still inside her amniotic sac – a rare event that only happens in one of 80,000 births.

The Gazette: Skyla Robertson was born 14 weeks earlySkyla Robertson was born 14 weeks early

Nicole and other parents with babies in the RAH neonatal unit at the time set up a private Facebook page to share stories and advice with each other.

“We use the Facebook page to keep in touch and plan play dates,” said Nicole.

“It’s been helpful, especially in the earlier days, as it was really good to have someone who knew how you felt and was in the same position as you.

“It took Skyla longer to learn how to walk and be able to go into public places so she wouldn’t catch anything but now she’s absolutely fine.”

Now aged five, Skyla hopes to start school at East Fulton Primary, in Linwood, later this year.

Nicole said: “To be in my situation five years ago but with the coronavirus pandemic, I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for parents with premature babies right now.

“But the RAH neonatal unit is run really well and the staff are so supportive and friendly.

“They are always doing what they can to try to keep your spirits up.”

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