PLANS for an online version of one of the biggest events in Renfrewshire's social calendar have been unveiled.

Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot Day celebrations normally attract tens of thousands of visitors from across the local area.

However, the coronavirus pandemic means this year's fun – on Saturday, July 4 – will take place online.

The day will commence with a mass drum-off, where people will be invited to 'virtually' join together and make some noise.

The celebrations will also include a range of other activities, including film, dance and music, as well as online workshops and spoken word performances.

Aerial dance theatre company All or Nothing will be delivering a project called Connecting Threads, with people asked to take part in creative tasks and submit videos of these for inclusion in a short film that will be featured online.

Upcycled fashion innovators ReMode will be showing the public how they can take inspiration from workers of the past, present and future to design and create a costume to wear on the day.

Also taking part is local theatre company PACE, which will be delivering online drama workshops for young people.

The traditional Sma’ Shot holiday in Paisley takes its name from a long dispute between local shawl weavers and manufacturers in the 19th century.

In 1856, the manufacturers backed down and an agreement was reached to pay for the Sma’ Shot – the invisible stitch which bound the Paisley shawls.

This year’s Sma' Shot Day celebrations will not only mark this important part of Renfrewshire’s history but will also pay tribute to key workers who have been performing a vital role during the Covid-19 crisis.

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron said: “Sma’ Shot Day is always one of the highlights of the annual events calendar, representing an important part of Paisley’s heritage. It’s excellent that we can still celebrate it this year, albeit it in a different way.

“There is always a wonderful family atmosphere at the event and a real sense of community coming together. I’m sure this will continue this year, when it has undoubtedly never been more important.

“The online programme will offer great opportunities for everyone to get creative and involved in celebrating this great day in a new way. I for one will be looking forward to logging on and getting involved.”

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